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Christians Evenly Yoked in Commerce

Accepting Members Coming July 2016

Building the Christian Economy

Strengthening Christian commerce and advocating new Christian industries.

Christian Retailers

Providing shopping centers that offer quality products and respect Christian values

Christian Restaurants

Creating a Christian dining experience that includes quality food and a clean environment.

Christian Suppliers

Providing an alternative supplier for the materials that are used in businesses and homes every day.

Christian Innovation

Developing and researching new inventions and finding new discoveries while maintaining a Christian viewpoint.

We Love the Christian Economy

As the business world strengthens its stance against Christian values, the importance for believers to stand for the truths of God's Word in business will only grow. We need to support the Christian Economy and encourage the founding of new Christian Enterprises.

A Word from Anthony Dohrmann

"I love the Christian way of life. I love the Christian economy and what we can accomplish together through God given inspiration and focus. Our strength of character, our determination, our steadfastness, our generosity, our understanding, and our softening of the heart comes from holding firmly to the cross at all times. We should be equally yoked in all aspects of our live, raising each other up, and surrounding ourselves with positive examples in Christ. Safari and Christian Economy are both wonderful, faith based atmospheres of support and wisdom, places to unite, prosper and grow in spirit, and to give the glory to the Father, the source of all our potential. Thank you Lord, for all that you have provided, all that you have sacrificed, and all that you have promised for the future. We trust in you and we love you. There is nothing missing, the experiences vastly fulfilling, far more than we deserve, with nothing but hope to look forward to. You are a mighty and loving God." - Tony Dohrmann CEO